Phoenix A2 Muscle Massage.

  • $119.99
  • Save $60

Are you looking for your own masseuse without the price tag?

With the Phoenix percussion massage gun, you can bring a professional-quality deep tissue massage right into your own home! It’s perfect for:

  • Staying limber between workouts or your active job
  • Trigger point therapy that releases painful lactic acid and knots
  • A deep muscle massager to tackle the pain in your back, legs and everywhere else.

Perfect for:

  • Athletes
  • Anyone recovering from an injury
  • Those who work physically demanding jobs
  • Anyone looking to relieve general pain or soreness

Only 40dB-60dB!

Our 24v brushless motor clocks in at 40-60dB, which means your massager is as quiet as a freezer and no louder than a casual conversation!

4 Different  Massage, 3 Different Intensity Settings

  • Ball attachment for deep muscle massage
  • Flat attachment for all-over percussive massage
  • Rubber cone attachment for joint massage
  • Fork attachment for spine and back massage

Designed to accommodate your perfect level of relief, our massage guns come in 3 intensity settings:

Low Level – 1800 pulses/min

Medium Level – 2400 pulses/min

High Level – 3200 pulses/min

Operating time on a full charge: 3-6 hours

Charging time (from empty to full): 2-3 hours .search-bar{ display: none;